Baby Boab Tubers – an Australian Bush Food

Baby Boab Tubers are the sapling tap-root of the Australian Boab.  They are best served raw, or lightly cooked, and can be used in salads, stir-fry and soups, plus julienned for dips.  Their sweet taste and crunchy texture is also excellent for use in cakes, slices, muffins and quiches.

 Our Baby Boabs are grown on a farm in the Ord Valley from seed collected from local boab trees.  The tubers are grown chemical-free – just as nature intended!


Nutritional value

Boab tubers are high in iron, potassium and fibre, and have a high level of protein (for a vegetable).  They also have a low fat content and are a source of starch and sugar.  Crunchy, moreish, and good for you too!



Unlike most Australian Bush Food varieties, Baby Boab is available all year, and the tubers last up to a month when stored in the fridge.   PLEASE NOTE: Due to the Ord Valley unseasonal conditions, our Baby Boab supplies are limited at present.  Supplies are starting to improve now with the warmer conditions 🙂 At the present time there is no excess supply of tuber for retail or wholesale .  Sorry to disappoint.

Baby Boabs has an information sheet on uses, nutritional value and preparation techniques, and a recipe book in pdf format is available for download – click here