Boab Trees

Boab tree during the ‘Dry Season’

Although the iconic boab tree, Adansonia gregorii, is unique to the Kimberley and Victoria River Regions of Australia, it does grow in a variety of areas, providing they are not exposed to frost. It is a slow-growing tree at the best of times, and will be even slower-growing in cooler regions!

Boabs require a well-drained sandy soil with plenty of water during the growing season, but prefers drier conditions when dormant during the winter months.

The boab tree is deciduous, and will lose its leaves and go into dormancy during the winter months, which is the ‘dry season’ in the topics. New growth will normally commence around September/October and flowers usually start to open in November. Some trees will flower and fruit as early as four years under the right conditions.

The flower of a Boab

The flowers of the boab are magnificent, and have a wonderful perfume which is enjoyed for a very short time.  They open early evening and are pollinated that night, only lasting a day or two on the tree before they fall.


Boabs have a large tuber which can be up to 1/3 the length of the above ground portion of the tree. This needs to be taken into account when considering growing the boab tree in a pot. 


Boab Seeds

You could try growing your own Australian Boab 🙂

You will need a good quality, well-draining potting mix with low added nutrients suitable for growing natives, a warm place, and remember to keep the soil damp!  Boab seeds can take upto 6 months to germinate, but in good conditions, they will be up within three weeks.


Australian Boab seeds are available all year.  We sell packets containing six individual seeds, which come with instructions on planting and care of your Boab seedling.

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Boab Seeds (packet of 6 seeds) – $5.50 plus postage

To purchase  Boabs Seeds, please click here.